Alienazione Parentale: Innovazioni Cliniche e Giuridiche [Parental Alienation: Clinical and Legal Innovations]

Giovanni Battista Camerini, Marco Pingitore, John Lopez | Italian, 2016

Parental alienation is one of the most debated issues in recent years in separation/divorce and child custody. This phenomenon is considered a relational problem that involves the entire triad of father-mother-child, all of whom, with their contribution, allows the establishment of a highly dysfunctional family process with a concrete risk for the involved child. The book highlights the contributions of various authors allowing for scientific and methodological comparison, even with different points of view. The experts offer practical insights on a theme that is still controversial in the courts of Italy. The authors highlight psychosocial solutions to be taken to counter parental alienation, which is now universally recognized, but still very difficult to curb because of the difficulty of implementing interventions.