Parental Alienation Study Group

Parental Alienation Study Group, Inc. (PASG), is an international, not-for-profit corporation. PASG has 800 members – mostly mental health and legal professionals – from 62 countries.

PASG is an organization open to anyone who reports an interest in the topic of parental alienation—personally, professionally, or both. Membership in PASG does not signify approval of the individual by the PASG Board of Directors, nor does it indicate any special education, training, expertise, or credentialing regarding parental alienation.

Parental Alienation Database

A large bibliography regarding parental alienation has been jointly developed by PASG and the Eskind Biomedical Library of Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Access this Parental Alienation Database at

FREE! Short Animated Videos

Together with The Law Center (, the Parental Alienation Study Group provides a collection of short, animated videos, which illustrate and explain the basic principles of parental alienation. See videos on YouTube here.

Online Education Regarding Parental Alienation

Together with groups and organizations that specialize in parental alienation education and advocacy, the Parental Alienation Study Group offers several options for learning about parental alienation. See more information here.